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The genre of Genesis is a Narrative History, and Genealogies. It was written by Moses about 1450-1410 B.C. Key personalities include Adam, Eve, Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebekah, Jacob, and Joseph. This book was written to record God’s creation of the world and to demonstrate His love for all that He created.

Genesis is the first book of the Law and also the first book of the entire Bible. The name Genesis literally means “In the Beginning”. It explains the actual events of one of the most debated subjects of our current day...the origin of life. Genesis describes the Lord God, who is infinite and all-powerful, creating everything that exists, by the power of His spoken Word, out of nothing. He essentially creates material matter out of nonmaterial nothing.

•    In chapters 1-11:28, Moses explains the creation of all things, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth" (1:1). He quickly switches to the fall of man in sin and separation from God in chapter 3; then, how God implemented His judgment on the wicked earth. Through a universal flood and by selecting and sparing Noah, a faithful man, and his family, God wipes out humanity and starts again, with one secluded family.

•    From chapters 11:28-36, God begins to carry out His plan of redemption in the beginning stages of establishing His own nation of Israel. It is through Abraham, again one faithful man, which God calls and promises to bless with a multitude of people and through them bless the entire world, "...and in you all the families of the earth will be blessed" (12:3).

•    In chapters 37-50 God faithfully raises up and protects the generations from Abraham as He had promised, all the way through unto Joseph while in Egypt. God blesses Abraham’s son and their son’s. Through their disappointments and failures, He displays His power and sovereignty in their lives; but in at the end of the book of Genesis, God’s people are in a foreign land and wondering about the promise land.

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Title Scripture Speaker Date Additional file
Introduction to Genesis Genesis 1:1-3 21 August 2016 PowerPoints
In The Beginning Genesis 1:1-13 28 August 2016 PowerPoints
In The Beginning God Created Genesis 1:14-31 04 September 2016 PowerPoints
And God Rested Genesis 2:1-7 18 September 2016 PowerPoints
The Care and Compassion of Our Loving God Genesis 2:8-25 02 October 2016 PowerPoints
The Curse Genesis 3:1-8 09 October 2016 PowerPoints
The Consequences of the Curse Genesis 3:9-24 16 October 2016 PowerPoints
The First False Religion Genesis 4:1-15 23 October 2016 PowerPoints
The Fast Ripening for Judgment Genesis 4:16-5:32 30 October 2016 PowerPoints
The Bible vs Evolution Genesis 6:13-22 06 November 2016 PowerPoints
The History of Noah Genesis 6:1-13 13 November 2016 PowerPoints
The History of Noah 2 Genesis 6:14-22 20 November 2016 PowerPoints
The History of Noah 3 Genesis 7:1-24 27 November 2016 PowerPoints
The History of Noah 4 Genesis 8:1-19 04 December 2016 PowerPoints
The History of Noah Ends Genesis 9:1-29 11 December 2016 PowerPoints
The Scattering of Noah's Descendants Genesis 10:1-11:32 08 January 2017 PowerPoints
A Man of Proven Character Genesis 50:15-21 15 January 2017
The Father's Favorite Genesis 37:1-11 22 January 2017
Betrayed By His Brothers Genesis 37:12-36 29 January 2017 PowerPoints
Punished for Doing What is Right Genesis 39:1-23 05 February 2017 PowerPoints

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