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The Preliminaries

  • An illustration
  • The Principles in the Illustration:
    • The providence of God
    • Christ requires that we be people of integrity
    • Christ requires that we trust Him
    • Christ requires that we forgive others, as the Father has forgiven us


The Preliminaries

  1. What, but not How, to think
  2. As a child, Sunday didn’t connect with Monday thru Friday
  3. I started to ask and answer tough questions
  4. I concluded that some of what I was taught as a child, was incorrect
  5. Why did I conclude this?

The Reason

I have come to believe that what my parents taught me as a youngster; that God created the universe and all that is in it, mankind included, and that it was good; but that when tested mankind sinned choosing his own way over God’s way; thereby separating man from his creator forever; and only by the grace of God was that relationship restored through the life and death of His Son, Jesus Christ, on the cross; and His subsequent resurrection; and that by believing these very truths as revealed in the Holy Bible, the inspired and infallible word of God; I have secured eternal life.



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