Revelation 2:8-11

The Overview of Today's Sermon Outline!

I. (1:1-20) Write: The Things You Have Seen / Past!
II. (2:1-3:22) Write: The Things Which Are / Present!

A. (2:1-7) A Letter is Addressed to the Church at Ephesus.

B. (2:8-11) A Letter is Addressed to the Church at Smyrna.

1. (2:8a) The Assemblylocated in Smyrna.

2. (2:8b) The Authorof the letter is the Lord.

3. (2:9-10b) The Afflictionin Smyrna is great.

4. (2:10a&10c) The Appealto the church is twofold.

5. (2:11) The Actionthat is anticipated is given.

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