Revelation 18:1-24

I. (18:1-3) The ANNOUNCEMENTof Judgment!

A. (v.1) The PRESENCEof Another Angel.

B. (v.2) The PROCLAMATIONof the Angel.

C. (v.3) The PUNISHMENTis Summarized by the Angel.

II. (18:4-8) The APPEALto God's People!

A. (v.4a) The PRESENCEof a Second Angel.

B. (v.4b) The PROCLAMATIONof the Second Angel.

C. (vs.4c-8) The PASSIONof God is Presented by the Angel.

III. (18:9-19) The AGONYof the World Leaders!

A. (vs.9-10) The REACTIONof the Kings.

B. (vs.11-18) The RESPONSEof the Merchants.

C. (v.19) The RECOGNITIONby All Over the Loss.

IV. (18:20-24) The ATTITUDEof Heaven!

A. (v.20) The REJOICINGof Heaven over the Destruction.

B. (vs.21-23a) The REALITYof the Destruction.

C. (vs.23b-24) The Three REASONSfor the Destruction.  


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