Revelation 16:1-21

III. (16:1-12)The POURING OUTof the Bowl Judgments.
A. (v.1a)The Commissiongiven to the seven angels!
B. (v.1b)The Commandgiven to the seven angels!
C. (vs.2-12)The Commentaryon the judgments!
1. (v.2) The First Bowl: Grievous Sores!
2. (v.3) The Second Bowl: Sea Turns to Blood!
3. (vs.4-7) The Third Bowl: Fresh Water to Blood!
4. (vs.8-9) The Fourth Bowl: Sun Smitten by God!
5. (vs.10-11) The Fifth Bowl: Beast's KgdmSmitten!
6. (v.12) The Sixth Bowl: Euphrates Dries Up!

III. (16:1-12) The POURING OUTof the Bowl Judgments.
IV. (16:13-14) The PURPOSEof the Bowl Judgments.
V. (16:15) The PARENTHETICALWarning Before the Last Bowl Judgment.
VI. (16:16-21) The PERFECTINGof the Bowl Judgments.

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